Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year everybody.

My resolutions for 2016, just to live as simply and mindfully as I can and to enjoy it all. Not to let fear stop me from exploring London, (obviously keeping a modicum of common sense!) to knit, to read, to sew, to cook, to garden, to walk and to swim,  to enjoy my creativity and my photography on a daily basis.  It might sound simple, but for me its a big ask, and when I do get side tracked by whatever is being thrown from the sidelines, to remember to bring myself back, re center and carry on.  These are the resolutions I wish for myself this year.  For my family I wish them health, wealth and happiness along with finding themselves and their true path, but I think you already knew that. Last but not least I give thanks for my wonderful friends that I am lucky to have in my life.  They have given me strength when mine was failing, listened with love in their hearts and laughter in their soul along with supporting me in a myriad of ways and without them I would truly have been lost.

And just because we are about to run out of days I can put sparkly pictures of London in full festive mode may I present South Molton Street in all its glorious sparklyness. South Molton Street 2 South Molton Street 1

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