Handsome boy.

Today is my beautiful son’s birthday. Son no.2 birthday 2

I love the magnificence of your beard with the gingery streaks, the chestnut in your hair being an almost carbon copy of my own.  It will be a sad day when you go into industry and you have to make a decision as to whether the company your with will be able to understand your love of the beard, which it has to  be said is nearly a life form of its very own.

I also very much love your sensitivity and mind of great complexity, your ability to understand problems much greater than I’ll ever be able to understand and how during conversations you are prepared to break down an idea into bite sized pieces just so that I can understand, rather than leave me frustrated and in the dark.  It shows great compassion for us lesser mortals of a more limited educational level and I love you for it. Son no.2 birthday_

And I love that you have such a strong bond with son no.1.  One never knows how that relationship is going to pan out, one hopes of course, but sibling rivalry is what it is and one can only hope.  I’ve never had the slightest doubt that you were best friends and I see your relationship deepening over the years and that makes my heart sing.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy, and in the words of Banksy ‘Don’t forget to eat your lunch and Make some Trouble’.

Love always,



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