Dad’s 80th.

A few days before Christmas hubby and I caught the train down to Warwickshire from London to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. train journey 1

It was wonderful to see such greenery on such a clear blue day.  Dad's 80th 1

Soon we were bantering like only daughter and Father can do, – he’s giving me stick about putting the light on! – I’m giving it all back!  It is wonderful to see him in such fine form only a few weeks after his open heart surgery. He has to take it gently for a good few weeks yet so the party was as gentle as it could be, just a loving embrace from his family. Dad's 80th 2

We had party food, bubbles and Cake!  And very nice cake it was too. Dad's 80th 3

And later when everyone had left, I took a few snaps of them cuddled up together reminiscing about good times. Dad's 80th 4

Dad is a natural story teller and he can remember his exploits from long, long ago, most of which involve scrumping or why he got the cane!Dad's 80th 5

And how he had to write out a hundred lines “I must not throw projectiles at people in The Blundells” as he’d been caught throwing a snowball at Mum!

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