Coffee – Kahve Dunyasi, Piccadilly, W1.

I tend to finish my trotting around London by heading to Picadilly, it’s an easy tube ride home and not too difficult to get a seat.  If I feel like pausing for a while and do a spot of people watching I head to Kahve Dunyasi a Turkish coffee house that is a vast space and has a great ambiance.  For roughly the same price as some of the more well known franchised coffee shops which abound everywhere one can treat oneself to decent coffee or hot chocolate, (the coffee comes with a chocolate spoon!) gorgeous cakes, absolutely delicious ice creams and the most delicious of macarons.  They have chocolate chefs making their signature chocolate creations including chocolate covered Turkish delight, a piece given with every Turkish coffee, marzipan, truffles and dragees.  There are savoury dishes too that help prevent too much of a sugar rush, the quiches are delicious.

kahve 1It is a lovely, accessible place to stop to pause for a while.

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