Window Shopping – Borough Market, SE1.

Borough Market is a huge food market underneath the railway lines, hop off at London Bridge Station and follow the signs.  If you happen to be a foodie and who out of us isn’t these days, it is a haven, although one I can only indulge in occasionally.  As much as I love their exceptional home grown and international produce my bank manager would rather I was a little more circumspect, but at Christmas time, one can spoil oneself just a little and I suspect a mid January pick me up wouldn’t be a bad thing either. borough market 12

The atmosphere is lovely, (apologies about Christmas decorations after Twelfth night) especially at Christmas, but spring, summer and autumn are pretty exceptional too. borough market 11

Wending one’s way underneath the arches is just magical. borough market 9

With the loud clankety-clank and screeches of the trains above you. borough market 10

borough market 1

Good bread borough market 5

ripe cheese borough market 2

and sweet figs make the simplest yet most decadent of meals.  borough market 6

With a lovely selection of dried fruits to add to your Christmas table, borough market 4

along with a lobster or two!borough market 3


We stopped at our favourite oyster seller, the smell of the sea having drawn us in,  to enjoy a couple of Native oysters a piece – so difficult to come by.

borough market 7

And one day I will make something with quinces, I think their notoriety of being difficult to cook with as they require a long and slow cooking time has scared me off.  Perhaps this winter I will get around to trying them.

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