St Paul’s Cathedral.

On one of our walks around London we came across St Paul’s, it was dark and drizzly and the way St Paul’s loomed out of the darkness sent shivers down my spine.St Pauls 1

TSt Pauls 2he tiny rain drops giving an ethereal feel

and a great feeling of illustriousness. St Pauls 3

We trotted to the front and were wowed by St Paul’s majesty.  I’ve seen St Paul’s in the daylight but at night it really is magical.

2 thoughts on “St Paul’s Cathedral.

  1. Carie says:

    I read an article on the Guardian recently about how all the new developments in the city had been planned to keep sight lines clear to St Pauls from all sorts of different directions and I’m so glad they did. I worked just down Ludgate Hill by Blackfriars when I was training so it always brings back happy memories 🙂


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