Time for planning.

Time is a very valuable commodity, even when there are no discernible strains on it, it seems to drift away often without one really noticing.  It is easy to get nothing done in a day just by tottering around the home or surfing the internet.  Having noticed that my years are adding up I need to plan to get the most out of what ever I have left, which includes getting fitter and feeling better and for that I will need to work harder than I have been doing.Planning meals._

Hence the use of my weekly planner by Lollipopdesigns.being used as my meal planner – with activities and excursions tagged into the last two columns. It will be hung in the kitchen thanks to its useful hanging hole and I’ll be able to quickly refer back to what I should be doing or eating whilst drinking my morning coffee.

The other advantage is that by taking the time to go through some of my vast collection of recipe books ‘at the same time’ as planning the weeks meals, I will cook a few new to me meals and whilst watching intake it’s always good to make every single tasty calorie count. Caesar salad

Already it is working, one Caesar salad, made from scratch was absolutely gorgeous.

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