Boxpark, Shoreditch, E1.

Boxpark is a Pop-up mall right in the middle of the East of London.  It opened in 2011 and is intended to only last 5 years. It is constructed entirely out of 61 shipping containers which have basically been bolted together to form a mall with space on the upper deck to allow for customers to relax and enjoy the many restaurants, bars and music, it is open until late at night.  I imagine being in the middle of Shoreditch with its younger vibe, it is the place to hang out.

I loved these boxes, identical, but yet so different from each other, I love the edginess, the youth and the vigour of the merchandise, it just makes you smile.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them. And if you can do go, I intend to go back for a good long wander around with hubby, possibly partaking of a beer or two. Boxpark 1 Boxpark 2 Boxpark 3 Boxpark 4 Boxpark 6 Boxpark 5 Boxpark 8 Boxpark 7 Boxpark 11 Boxpark 9 Boxpark 10 Boxpark 12 Boxpark 13 Boxpark 21 Boxpark 14 Boxpark 15 Boxpark 16 Boxpark 20 Boxpark 17 Boxpark 19 Boxpark 18

7 thoughts on “Boxpark, Shoreditch, E1.

  1. Mary Triller says:

    Wow, this is a great idea that has left me wondering if it would work in Novi Sad! I need to investigate this concept for some of our potential micro enterprises. Thank you for visiting and sharing your photos with us.


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