Window Shopping, Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1.

I am slowly getting used to the vastness that is Selfridges, to be honest when I first moved to London it was extremely overwhelming, but now I am getting into my groove and don’t mind wandering around.  It helps that I can now easily find my go to cafe The Brass Rail who do a very good cup of tea, at reasonable price and a huge freshly carved salt beef sandwich which is more than enough for two. Selfridges 9

When it is relatively calm and not too busy it is a pleasure to wander as I never know what I am going to find. Selfridges 2

I was tickled pink to find this. I think there were three ranges, red and white wine and spirits.  You had to buy a token having chosen the size of your measure and therefore the cost. Selfridges 1

What a wonderful way of trying an expensive bottle of wine to see if it would match with either your taste buds or the food you might wish to serve with it.  Fine wine glasses were underneath and it was obviously being well used.Selfridges 10

I found it all very amusing, but very sensible. Selfridges 11

Hubby found a bottle of Pusser’s Rum, which he’d enjoyed many years ago whilst sailing on his boat and he gleefully told me that this was the only rum made to the same specifications as the Royal Navy’s rum and how he hadn’t had it for many a long year.   I do believe I’ve never seen that man walk as swiftly to a till to pay as I did watching him carry that bottle of rum.Selfridges 4

There are beautiful items at every turn, this is in the Conran Shop. Selfridges 5

Just so beautiful, but oh so fragile. Selfridges 6

I think these are more me, carnival style glass, just so pretty, hang on a minute  let us just have a better look at the fish at the back.Selfridges 8

Ooooh, Who wouldn’t want a fish (for water?) carafe to go with those pretty glasses, I love it.

I can’t wait to go back, I am so enjoying exploring Selfridges.


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