Marylebone Lane

A Sunday afternoon stroll along Marylebone Lane can be most restorative, there are no crowds and one is left to walk this beautiful lane in peace. A little time to ponder the architecture, to peer through shop windows, slip down side roads and do a little people watching. It was absolute bliss. Marylebone Lane 3Marylebone Lane 2Marylebone Lane 4Marylebone Lane 1Marylebone Lane 7Marylebone Lane 8Marylebone Lane 6Marylebone Lane 5Marylebone Lane 9Marylebone Lane 10

2 thoughts on “Marylebone Lane

    • mandycharlie says:

      Learning photography – hence the wanderings! Along with that comes learning Lightroom etc, it’s very time consuming to write a post a day, as well as go out and get enough material to write from, I live an hours bus and tube from the centre of London, but that is my creative aim at the moment. I am still cooking, a little knitting and there is the gathering of fabrics for a quilt that is ongoing right at this moment.


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