Vintage Magazine Shop

I was tootling around Soho when I came across this amazing vintage magazine shop. I popped inside and found one treasure trove after another, there were old magazine but then there were giant posters of old films and advertising, life sized film star cardboard cut outs, t-shirts, bags, postcards, photos, buttons and more. One day I am going to let my inner goddess who loves cats have full reign and furnish the study with Art Nouveau posters by Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha and Steinlen (who does the most adorable cats)Vintage Magazine shop 1Vintage Magazine shop 3Vintage Magazine shop 2Vintage Magazine shop 5Vintage Magazine shop 4Vintage Magazine shop 6Vintage Magazine shop 7Vintage Magazine shop 8 and I think I may very well find them in the Vintage Magazine Shop. Definitely one to pop back to and to give myself plenty of time for a good and thorough browse.

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