When you emerge from the underground at Oxford Circus it is always busy, I mean really busy, you brace yourself because you know the possibility of walking straight into a crowd where you are shoulder to shoulder to the next person is pretty much a done deal in the afternoon at the weekend. So when I tootled in on Sunday at half two, I knew it would be packed, so as I surfaced and the noise levels of music rose and rose and rose it was normal(ish) and then I realised it wasn’t so started to try and peer through the crowds to see what it was.  After several attempts I saw them, roller skaters, ‘Oh how wonderful’ I thought. I grabbed my mobile and pushed my way through the crowd, took lots of snaps and then, in a flash, they were gone. The photo’s are not good, but the essence of the moment is all there. Rollerskaters 1rollerskaters 2rollerskaters 3rollerskaters 4rollerskaters 5rollerskaters 6rollerskaters 7

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