I’ve often wanted to grow an Amaryllis but never seem to be in a garden centre in mid winter when the bulbs are sold and so simply forget, kicking myself when I see my Mothers in her bow window glowing its vibrant red for all to see.  So when, this winter,  I saw some gloriously huge bulbs which would produce snow white flowers I popped one in my basket.  I love white flowers in the house, I can’t have lilys in my home anymore as they are poisonous to cats, but if I can buy a bunch of white freesias or tulips I am a very happy girl, so you can imagine just how pleased I was to come across this giant of a bulb. amaryllis opened 1 amaryllis opened 2

Just so beautiful and as you can see I have a second spike coming!  Last week hubby and I did the Ikea run and low and behold they were selling off Amaryllis bulbs already planted up an inch or two already grown. I chose a pink and a red one, to add a little variety and see how those perform.  I must read up on how to keep the bulb from year to year. Happy Days.

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