Every once in a while you just need to spend some time dejunking. After having a very lazy weekend last weekend I was fully fired up on Monday and thought I would just tidy up the corner of the living room and I must have caught the dejunking bug as I went through the house getting rid of so much of my old rubbish.  Five days later and all rooms, cupboards, bookcases,  wardrobes and drawers done, (apart from under the stairs), I have this. dejunked

You would think the house would be nearly empty wouldn’t you?  But it is a testament to my squirreling away behaviour that it has hardly made any sort of dent, its just that I know where the gaps are now even if they are not immediately obvious.  And what have I learn’t.  Well, I definitely, beyond any measure of any doubt, do not need any more shoes…

And how do I feel?  Very, very content and lighter in my soul.  I know where all my stuff is, my fabrics and yarns and books have all been reevaluated and my cookery ingredients are fresh in my mind – and fresh in the cupboard!  All of this makes me feel positive for the next year, next month I will spring clean and then Hubby and I are set up for the year ahead and what a year it is going to be.

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