View of St Paul’s – One New Change.

Hubby and I were trotting around near London Bridge when I remembered I’d seen on Instagram a fantastic place to view St Paul’s from a shopping centre, a quick flick through our phones and we found it and off we went.

One New Change has one of the largest public roof terraces in London which is open from 6 a.m. until midnight. One goes up in the lift and is met with this jaw dropping view. St Pauls dome 1

It really is worth going to, the detail that you can see is stunning, we are literally across a small road from St Paul’s at this point, it feels like you can nearly touch the dome.St Pauls dome 3 St Pauls dome 4  St Pauls dome 7 St Pauls dome 6

But the sun is very bright and I feel we just need to wait a while. Which is fortunate as there is a very good cocktail bar with super comfy sofa’s on which to wait. St Pauls dome 8

You don’t need to ask hubby twice! Madison’s is nice and warm inside with waitress service and a good mix of wine, cocktails and tapas styled snacks. St Pauls Dome

And boy was it worth the wait.St Pauls dome 12 St Pauls dome 11 St Pauls dome 10 St Pauls dome 9

It was beautiful.

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