Sugar Block Club – Stitchery Dickory Dock. January, Churn Dash.

I came across the Sugar Block Club whilst reading Space for the Butterflies, Carie and I being old friends who when given half a chance love to knit and quilt together. Carie had found this new adventure and I am ashamed to admit that I jumped straight in.  I did try to resist but the lure was far too strong.  Carie’s photography and tale telling skills is one of the reasons why I have a Lizard ridge blanket in my home, but I have got my own back at times, she posses a Christmas tree skirt after my emailing to see if she fancied learning how to make one and I am really not sure who led who to do the block a month at the Quilters Den in Warwick.  Carie finished hers,  mine’s still in bits, somewhere.

So when she put her lovely photography up, I was like, Oooooohhhhh.  (does this translate to the written word?) And in the blink of an eye I just happened to be visiting John Lewis, just to look over the last of the fabric, quilting cottons, winter sales…  Just a little peek.     Quilt

And there was just one corner, a little corner, which just happened to have all these fabrics at half price, and they were all in my colour palette.  I took it as a sign…

I must say I don’t know anything about Stitchery Dickory Dock but it is a delightful site, the instructions are crystal clear and it is a real pleasure to find a block of the month quilt that is FREE.  I find that just wonderful.

Onto the block, I put a new blade into  my rotary cutter and blew the dust off my 1/4” foot, set up my ironing board and iron and set to work. Quilt 1

And soon I had this. Quilt 2

And then with careful sewing and much pressing I had these pieces, Quilt 3

which were then sewn into this.  Quilt 4

Don’t look too carefully, my corners are so well out.  I haven’t done fine piece quilting like this for a long time, its going to take a while to learn the techniques again.  But I did so enjoy it.  I learn’t a new way to make flying geese which was very amusing and made me giggle out loud when I saw how it went together. When I finished and gave the piece its final press, I was in my happy, happy place and all was well with my world.  And I can’t ask for more than that.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Block Club – Stitchery Dickory Dock. January, Churn Dash.

  1. Carie says:

    Yay for mutual enabling! Your blocks are so pretty, and so very you in colour – and I agree about the magic of the flying geese, I’m definitely doing that again!


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