Settling into retirement.

Hubby’s first week of retirement was a whirlwind of theatre trips, shopping, fine art, nice dinners and champagne as all good retirements should be.  The second week quickly deteriorated into looking after his sick wife as I’d caught some vile virus in the style of the nastiest of colds and five days later am only just starting to recover.  So much of his time has been spent either chatting with me whilst I am curled underneath a hand knitted blanket trying not to expire from something deadly,  hubby february 1

(And very relaxed he looks too.)

or leaving me to it whilst I go and do a bit more sleeping, at one stage I was heading very close to twenty hours of the day, whilst he potters on quietly downstairs.

And potter on he has, having had a bit of a brain wave during the first week we bought a home brewing kit for him and for her – I prefer a paler ale than hubby.  We have brewed before but this latest adventure stems from the price of beers in London, the worst case being caught for £8.00 for a half of bitter and a single 25ml shot of gin and a tonic in a grotty back street pub, it takes the shine of it to be stung for those sorts of figures.  So whilst I was being a poorly girl, hubby started the brew and it fermented very nicely and is now into its second fermentation. Beer._

And not counting the cost of the set up, will roughly come in at 35p a pint.

You can’t say fairer than that.


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