Wall racks and hanging pans.

It all started with a flippant comment from me sometime last week when I was hauling out a saucepan from a cupboard whilst trying not to let the rest of the contents topple onto the floor. ‘I wish we’d got a hanging rack for the pans’, I muttered.  Hubby as frustrated as I asked me where I would put them and I indicated an area not thinking he would take me up on it.  But then he got enthusiastic – this is what retirement does to a fella, normally I’d wait for at least two years! – and he mentioned it again and started to.., I don’t think pester would be too fine a point on it.  So I started to show him what was on pinterest at which point he got Really enthusiastic and made me fine tune my design and call out part numbers from the Ikea web site.  You have to remember at this point that I was in the midst of dying from a vile cold virus and as much as I wanted to play along, I was not going to do Ikea in half term on a dreary Sunday.

So he went and came back triumphant and on Monday, they were assembled, and I was like ‘Oh, that spurt of enthusiasm didn’t last long’ but then on Tuesday morning when I got up I found this.ikea hanging pans

Well not quite like that, I did the hanging of the pots and we went back out on Wednesday to buy the utensil holders at the bottom, but it was done and it was beautiful and best of all it really works.  It holds an enormous amount and its all reachable and organised and it makes me look like quite an accomplished serious cook, which I suppose after twenty seven years of married life and an ‘0’ level in home economics I am!

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