On the Cheap, the Geometry of Bubbles.

As I am sure you are all pretty much aware London tends to be a bit pricey.  Now we are retired our adventures must be within a certain price range, but fortunately it is London and free opportunities or almost free abound, if your prepared to look for them.  So far, we have seen two theatre productions on the cheap, two free talks at Kings College which included a very nice reception with wine flowing by a very generous waiter and along with those we have many plans already booked in for the next couple of months which involve the theatre, marching bands, being part of a television production, cake making and creative writing, its all go and all practically free.

A few days ago we went to Kings College to see The Geometry of Soap Bubbles in Action by José L. Rodriguez Blancas.Geometry and bubbles 2

As soon as I saw this event on Eventbrite I knew it was for us. Bubbles for me, some mathematically minded geometry for hubby, what was not to love.Geometry and bubbles 3

As we settled into our seats and saw the professor playing with the bubbles before he started his talk I knew we were going to have a good time.  Yes there was the mathematical side of the geometry, but it was the passion for his work that came shining through and I absolutely loved it. Geometry and bubbles 4

There was holes in bubbles created with a thread due to surface tension.Geometry and bubbles 5

And more holes, that slowly roll around as you move the string.

There were illustrations of two dimensional and three dimensional but then there came the geometry that explained it all, illustrated in bubbles. Geometry and bubbles 6

And it was a thing of beauty. Look at those sharp lines, who knew a bubble could do that! Geometry and bubbles 8

It was when the professor dipped this complicated shape I knew we were in for a treat. Geometry and bubbles 10

Just look at that, I think we all gasped in the audience. Geometry and bubbles 11

He proceeded to show us how to build the same structure with just the bubbles. Geometry and bubbles 12

After the talk we went on to the reception, which was very generous with tasty food and plentiful wine and we were able to play with the bubbles. Geometry and bubbles 13

And silliness was had through out. Geometry and bubbles 15

Afterwards a quick peek at Kings College Chapel which was just so pretty, Geometry and bubbles 16

there was so much of interest everywhere one looked.

Then we were out into the bright lights of London, homeward bound, replete with food and wine, laughter and wonder and very, very happy.



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