Creative Writing.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, I wouldn’t have had a blog for nine years if I didn’t, but whether I am any good, well, I don’t really think I am, I know my grammar is pretty poor and  I think I am too long in the tooth to do much about that.  I was never any good at learning the ‘rules’ of grammar preferring to bumble along in my own sweet way and really is there anything wrong with that?

But, I’ve often fancied doing more in the creative writing way of things, so when a free full days workshop came up on Eventbrite with Amy Mason as our tutor hubby and I thought we would tootle along to Walthamstow library to see what we could see.  And do you know what, it was the best fun. We sat in a room full of like minded people and spent all day just exploring our own written words just because we all wanted to. I don’t think I have ever experienced that, at school quite a few of us didn’t want to be there on any given day and at college and university those were skilled based units I was studying with more of the people that didn’t want to be writing.  But this time, well, every word was relished and enjoyed.

Amy Mason has been funded by the Arts Council to bring alive stories about E17 which will then form part of an Anthology with readings at Walthamstow Central Library to form part of a community celebration.  From the sounds of the group I was with much fun will be had. Now I must go, I have some writing to finish.




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