Wannabe Gastronomy – Noodles, broccoli and Satay sauce.

Towards the end of last weeks veg box I still had some luscious looking broccoli left in the need of eating. Noodles 1

What to do, what to do? And then an idea emerged, a verdant, mineral rich lunch with a hint of a  naughty sauce to enrobe those tasty florets with.

I lightly simmered the broccoli until just cooked whilst at the same time cooked off a packet of egg noodles. Next I made a simple satay sauce.Noodles 2

Which consisted of,

2 very heaped tablespoons of economy crunchy peanut butter.

1/2 lemon

1 heaped tsp of cheats chopped chilli in a jar (you could use fresh)

A good splosh of soy sauce

A tablespoon of sugar

4 large cloves of garlic crushed, (you could use less, you could use more!)

1/2 a glass of water, to get a nice sauce consistency.

Mix it all together and bubble it up gently for a few minutes to take the rawness of the garlic away, stirring, it will stick if your not careful because of its sweetness, I used a non stick pan.

Noodles 3Put to one side and toast off half a packet, or a couple of oz of seasame seeds.  Your using these as a good crunchy ingredient, if not available roughly chop a couple of oz of peanuts and if they are raw peanuts toast them. Noodles 4

And toss together. Noodles 5

Makes a brilliant lunch and the leftovers are brilliant eaten cold.

Total cost approx £4.00, I got about six portions out of it = 66p a portion.

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