Veg Box.

veg box 1

Isn’t that veg box from Riverford  a thing of beauty.

One of the perks of having someone to cook for means I can increase the variety of foods in my diet, but mostly I can increase the vegetables.  This is the bumper sized box, will we get through this in a week? I think we will, we did the last one.  It certainly makes you concentrate on what your going to eat for lunch, what vegetables you can squeeze in, which is no bad thing. Hubby had got the beetroot on the boil for his lunch before I’d put all the veg away! – he does like his beetroot.

I think I am very lucky to have been bought up in an age where it was normal to cook from scratch, but I only made this by the skin of my teeth.  My Mother bought her first freezer in the late seventies, her cooking style changed dramatically and I was left high and dry not liking the produce produced by Iceland the freezer centre, –  crispy pancake or potato croquette anybody?, No, don’t blame you.  But fortunately my Dad clung to his beef and vegetable stews and roast dinners and my Nan’s lamb stews with the globules of yellow fat floating on top were just heavenly, well they were to me.

My Nan was quite daring, I remember watching her cook a curry using garlic and fresh ginger and the smells that came wafting from that simple curry she made were just lovely. I must get my adventurous love of cooking and vegetable growing from her and Grandad.

I hope I have managed to pass on my love of vegetables and cooking, certainly son no.2 is an accomplished cook and seems to enjoy his time in the kitchen cooking huge pans of curry or stews. The tales that come from son no.1 recently seem encouraging, he’s venturing forth with cous cous and pasta styled vegetable dishes. I hope my love of cooking wafts through their senses and in their dreams of home cooked meals enjoyed, inspiring them, teaching them and enabling them to create culinary masterpieces of their very own.




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