Iconic London

Savoy entrance

I think this iconic image needs a little explanation.

For more than one hundred years horse drawn or mechanical vehicles have entered and left ‘Savoy Court’ on the right-hand side of the road, due to the construction of the court and is the only road in the UK where this is the case.   An Act of Parliament was passed in 1902  allowing carriages and cars to enter Savoy Court on the right.  This allows the ladies who traditionally would sit behind the driver to exit their cars or carriages with a flourish, their driver having leapt from their seat as soon as the vehicle had stopped to open the door and allow the lady to exit the car and enter the building unscathed by muddy puddles, splashes from other cars or run aground by wild horses.

2 thoughts on “Iconic London

  1. Mary Triller says:

    Thanks for that explanation as this American was very confused by the arrow and signage. Makes sense and was very lovely for them to do…makes me think that someone was listening to his wife or lady friends!


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