Crash, Bang, wallop.

Hubby was tootling back from the shops at the end of last week when his car was smacked across the nose by a chap who hadn’t realised the road bends and had decided to go straight on.  So the last few days have been spent nursing a hubby with whiplash and making sure he got to the hospital to be checked out and nursing a hubby who understandably was having a few emotional moments and then starting the arduous and quite frankly unbearable task of looking around for another car.   We had a nice little Mercedes estate which to all intents and purposes was probably worthless, the book price is just a few hundred quid, but this was a lovely little runner.  It had a low mileage built like a tank diesel engine and very few rust spots and everything worked!  Well it did, we are waiting to hear, but suspect the insurance company will right it off as being too expensive to fix.

Which leaves us out of pocket and looking for another car in London.  Urgh, its horrible, travelling just a few miles takes hours, its not like lovely Warwickshire where you can tootle along and not even think about it, you get on that North Circular and  your done for.  Wish us luck whilst we veer widely from a brand new Dacia to a Mercedes which when looked at leaves one grumpy at the flowery questionable description that we are still clutching in our grubby hands whilst talking to a shady operator who is telling us black is white and who has no awareness of our knowledge base.

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