Sunny Brighton.

As I sit here writing this on the dreariest of Easter weekends, wind howling around the house, trees dancing, sky the colour of battleship grey, this day out seems a long time ago.  But it was only last Tuesday when we had that lovely settled high pressure giving us all a glimpse of the summer to come. Hubby and I had intended to go to the Royal Pavilion to see what we could see, but as we walked out of the railway station we instantly changed our minds and headed for the beach.  The day was simply too good to spend indoors and we headed down the street stripping off woollies of hats and scarfs as we walked.  We spent the day gently, wandering, chatting, sitting and gazing out to sea, we ate hot crispy salty chips that were perfection and marvelled at our good fortune to pick such a lovely day for our adventure to Brighton.

Such a lovely blue day, enjoy. Brighton 1 Brighton 2 Brighton 3 Brighton 6 Brighton 4 Brighton 7 Brighton 12 Brighton 8 Brighton 9 Brighton 10 Brighton 11 Brighton 13 Brighton 14 Brighton 15 Brighton 16 Brighton 17

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