Easter Sunday

I’d like to say that time with my family is always fairy dust and unicorns but it simply isn’t.  I love my boys with a passion but one of them can be a little tricky to handle. His independence is to be admired, it has got him through some tough times, but if he doesn’t want to do something he won’t, it is as simple as that and smiling for photographs is often a no go. There is one spectacular event that always plays in my mind, my twin sisters wedding, unbeknown to me my small boy pulled faces all the way through the photographs.  Not just the odd twisted smile, they were proper gargoyles hanging off church buildings styled grotesqueness. I blame the photographer for not telling me, but perhaps the photographer was wiser than we thought, I now know just how difficult handling small groups can be.

I managed to capture a few moments that capture the essence of the day, but reader let me tell you this, it was tough. Easter Sunday 1portrait for facebook
Easter Sunday 3 Easter Sunday 4

4 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Mary Triller says:

    I know what you are saying! For years our oldest daughter tried to get a proper family Christmas photo while on our walk around this wonderful Christmas lighted lake path. Finally after pulled faces, tears at some points with their kids and then the exhausted husband, she exclaimed, “Next year I will rent a family for this!” We laughed and suddenly everyone fell into harmonious family mode and she was able to get the photo of her dreams.

    So glad your men honoured you with one or two great shots too! Perseverance won out! Happy Easter!


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