Spring Sunset.

One evening recently Hubby and I set off to photograph a few sunsets and I can remember sitting in the car thinking to myself how wonderful it is that I know so many photographers in London and Warwickshire who, probably at that very moment will be thinking photographically minded thoughts.  How we all pursue our visions and are deeply committed to and often amused by our art. How although it might seem a competitive sport, for most a camera is just a beautiful tool to play with. And when at the end of the day we sit there at our computers and tweak a little of this and a little of that, we know that there will be fellow photographers who will understand the sheer hard work and more often than not little bit of luck that went into the end result.

I found this spot by accident, we’d tried four different spots in the previous hour but none worked, some were filled with people, some the sun wasn’t right, some the castle was in the wrong place.  And then I came up with idea of yellow flowers in the foreground of a sunset, it is a bit early for rape seed to flower, but that’s what I wanted, but seeing how beautiful the sunset was I jumped out of the car anyway to take this shot and low and behold, once I’d climbed the bank, I realised we had found a field that was just coming into tiny yellow flowers.

Enjoy. Spring sunset._

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