Chesterton Windmill.

Having spent the weekend entrenched in all things domesticity we really needed to spend just an hour with the wind blowing around us to refresh and restore us, so we chose to head off to Chesterton Windmill, camera in hand to capture the sunset. Chesterton Windmill 1The sky looks very interesting as we climb the hill in the blustery wind. But as we do a bride passes us, we know she is a bride by the frock she is wearing under her coat wrapped tightly around her to keep the draught out.Chesterton Windmill 2The photographer is set up, we manage to take a shot without interfering with their shoot. Chesterton Windmill 3And as we wend our way down the hill leaving them in peace,  the sun comes out, the wind drops and I hope the bride and groom are enjoying their time together creating special memories of their own.


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