A stroll through Islington.

Usually when I travel to Islington I alight from the tube at Angel and go straight to Loop and not much further apart from to the pub for lunch and to be honest I am really happy with that plan. But I knew there was more there to explore, now I haven’t photographed everything because there is too much, but a few things that caught my eye, its a great place to just wander for the afternoon after wool or knitting books have been purchased. Islington 1 (1 of 1) Islington 2 (1 of 1)Heading down Camden Passage colourful items for sale are placed in the street ready for your inspection giving this area very much a trendy market feel.  Islington 3 (1 of 1)And if I were heading home for the day the temptation to pick up a piece of spanking fresh fish would be greatIslington 18 (1 of 1)from Moxon’s fishmongers. I must say it smelt extremely fresh, just the ozone from the sea. Islington 4 (1 of 1)We had a little look in Home and Pantry as we tootled along, it was a very cute shop. Islington 5 (1 of 1)And of course we couldn’t not stop at Loop, the holy grail of gorgeous yarns. Islington 6 (1 of 1) Islington 7 (1 of 1)Just look at all the pretty yarns, I picked up a knitting book I’d had my eye on for a while, Botanical Knits 2 by Alana Dakos and then I trotted off happy as could be to continue with our adventures. Islington 8 (1 of 1)Look at this cute shop, such fun. Islington 17 (1 of 1)We found a gorgeous park to eat some lunch as I’d carefully packed some home made pasties for lunch. Islington 9 (1 of 1)And then we found a pub, The Queens Head and we felt like we had entered a time warp and hopped back a century or two, fortunately the beer was still good. Islington 10 (1 of 1)Islington 11 (1 of 1) Islington 12 (1 of 1)And the fireplace was incredible. It dated back to the 17th century and depicted the Greek myth of Diana and Actaeon. Islington 15 (1 of 1) Islington 13 (1 of 1) Islington 14 (1 of 1) After refreshments we carried onto the Polish pottery shop, I love this pottery and could spend serious amounts of money on it, its such a fun kitchen styled pottery.  Having finally decided on a pretty lasagne dish, which I will photograph with a lasagne in one day we headed home.  And even then pretty things caught our eyes as we trundled towards the tube, one of which I just had to photograph, Islington 16 (1 of 1)a lovely little basement garden, so pretty and unexpected. The owner came home as I merrily snapped away, doesn’t that always happen, and showed us a glimpse of her back garden which was just lush.


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