Bullet Journaling.

I came across bullet journaling in May from this video, Bullet Journal and wondered at the simplistic beauty of it. So I thought I would try it in an old journal and it worked really well.  It organised us in a way that we had never as a couple been organised before, we have been married 27 years and I have no idea how we have bumbled along so far without this in our lives. We are, as the Americans might say, now on the same page.  And whats more is we seem to get much more done, not just in a domestic way, but in pleasure seeking ways too. It is everything you want it to be because you are not constrained in any way by space or ideas, they are all of your own.

I have tried in the past the more decorative approach of bullet journaling, but I prefer the simplistic bullet points that it gives, I have my Erin Condren to pretty things up in my life and to play with stickers, washi, photographs and postcards of our days out, the bullet journal for me is a simple way of organising and keeping track of our lives and the things that need to be done and that we enjoy.

I’ve just set my new bullet journal up in a bright orange (a girl has to have a bit of fun) Leuchtturm 1917 A5 in graph paper using my Cross fountain pen in Prussian Blue ink from Diamine.  The Leuchtturm doesn’t bleed with a fountain pen although it does shadow slightly, the reviews make interesting reading between a Moleskine and Leuchtturm’s online.  But before I go on, you can set up your own bullet journal in any notebook with any pen.

First you need to set your bullet journal up, see the video above for that, it is simple and just takes moments. I’ll show you some of my pages, IMG_1166These are ‘things’ that we are aiming to do in August. IMG_1167And these were our plans for yesterday. IMG_1169This is what I want to keep track of this month, some are for health reasons, some financial, some domestic, its simply what I want it to be. IMG_1170We are eating vegan about five days a week, (why vegan? because otherwise we will add half a pound of cheese) and I wanted a place that I can store ideas that I know I can knock up in half an hour when we get back from a long day.  These are all tried and tested and quite yummy. IMG_1172And then just a few ideas that I’ll add to on things that I would like to do one day.

See simple, I just wanted to share, its really changed our lives and in such a good way.


One thought on “Bullet Journaling.

  1. Noelle says:

    The ‘list’ with a little planning…..this was how the work of three men was done by this woman when I was in business…really makes things straight forward doesn’t it? And best of all sharing it! So pleased you and Barry are finding lots to focus on: enjoy!


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