London Zoo (again!)

A few weeks ago hubby and I trotted around London Zoo, it is simply the best thing to have a Zoo on one’s doorstep, and is one of my dreams come true. Unfortunately the tiger cubs weren’t out to play which was the main reason we had gone, and then it rained and we ended up viewing all the lovely fish in the aquarium.  It is not easy to take photographs with flashes of october-2016-3-1-of-1lights and fingerprints on tanks and extremely low light and no tripod, but I did my best.october-2016-5-1-of-1october-2016-2-1-of-1I loved the roti island snake necked turtle, he seemed to be having a high old time. october-2016-4-1-of-1They are critically endangered and it is thought that there are no longer any in the wild, all that are left are in conservation zoo’s around the world.  october-2016-6-1-of-1That certainly gives one something to think about. october-2016-7-1-of-1Kambuka was behaving himself on the day we went, as a side note we almost went to the zoo on the day he decided to have a little wander. october-2016-10-1-of-1And the lemurs are much fewer in number, sadly some of them were quite old when they arrived. october-2016-8-1-of-1october-2016-9-1-of-1And then we had a quick trot around to see one of my favourites, (after the Penguins!) The Rothschild Giraffe, the tallest of the nine types and the most endangered.  I wish they had more space, they are lovely to see at West Midlands Safari park where there is a herd of them walking around and you can feed them from your car window, they have a really long blue tongue and they love the pig nuts that you can buy and actively wait for you to wind your window down an inch or two to give them a tasty treat.  It is quite scary to do, but absolutely wonderful.


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