Day trip to Birmingham.

Although storm Angus and the very enthusiastic weathermen and women did their utmost to put the wind up me so that I nearly cancelled I managed to find the strength to get out of my cosy warm bed in the pitch black,  shower in an ice cold house and make it to the train station, wind whipping through it as usual, just before nine, shortly to be followed in by Jane.

Wrapped up as snug as bugs in rugs we chatted enthusiastically as we waited for the train to take us to Birmingham and soon we were trundling through wind torn countryside to arrive at New Street in time for coffee before the shops opened up for Sunday trading.

It is one of life’s greatest but simplest of pleasures to spend a day shopping with a like minded, love all the things, creative friend.  John Lewis called us with its siren call and we entered and quickly found their stationary department, me mainly to stock up on some ink but also to just look at all the pretty things, and look we did.  We gaily trotted around, off to find the haberdashery department, dashing across the wide expanse of floor to find the make up department, admiring, cooing, wanting, as we went.  Eventually leaving John Lewis, with a deep, I had such a good time sigh, we headed off to M&S to stock up on a few necessities and wander around admiring Christmas jumpers and gorgeous lingerie.

Having found that storm Angus had danced its merry way onwards we wandered the German Christmas market, so many pretty things to see. birmingham-1It was the greatest fun to look at all the Christmas baubles and decorations. birmingham-2Walking up to the canal basin we enjoyed lunch of the dirtiest, tastiest beef burger I ever did eat, rocket fuel for a cold day, which was just what we needed. birmingham-3And then heading back, waving at the Birmingham Rep as we went, through the German market on route to Selfridges to spend an hour wandering, with another sit down for a drink and a little light shopping of a bright orange half price Radley purse, go me!  I must say Jane was a brilliant guide, knowing Birmingham so much better than I, showing me short cuts I never knew existed.  Seven hours and seven miles later we wended our way towards the train station, both of us planning to come back another day very soon with our partners.  Chattering non stop on the journey home, its a wonder we noticed our train stop, it really was the best of times, with a great friend I simply haven’t seen for ages, we must do it again and soon.

2 thoughts on “Day trip to Birmingham.

  1. Mary Triller says:

    Sounds like it was a wonderful time for you both. So glad you made it to Birmingham despite Angus!

    Wow, Jane looks fantastic! How did she lose all her weight? She must be so chuffed!



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