A Birmingham Christmas.

When I came home and regaled hubby with tales of my wonderful trip to Birmingham, I knew by the longing in his eyes that I would be making another trip very soon, giving me a day off on Monday he enticed me back on Tuesday, although to be fair, I didn’t need much convincing. img_5882We started off at John Lewis enjoying a late breakfast of builders tea and hot buttered toast with marmalade, just the thing to set one up for a trot around the German Market.  I loved these plates in the restaurant, quite amusing. img_5894We had a quick tootle around the Christmas decorations.  I nearly bought foxy home, so cute. img_5896Who wouldn’t love to drape their fireplace with an assortment of fir cones. img_5890Or adorn doors with beautiful wreaths with which to welcome Christmas visitors with.  There were so many beautiful things but it was time to leave and carry on with our adventure. img_5909The station is simply wonderful, lovely restaurants and cafes, wine bars and gorgeous shops.img_5916Next we found a cereal cafe, with over a hundred different types of cereal to tempt you with. That was quite something to come across, having heard of it in London but never having seen one. img_5928And then we were out, marching briskly in the cold. img_5949Hubby seems to be having a nice time. img_5955So many pretty things to see, these are delightful when they are lit up with a candle. img_5957Handblown glass balls. img_5995Just getting dark enough to appreciate the lightsimg_6009of the carousel. img_6017The boys are beginning to cook up a storm for the visitors that will flock for the hot Bratwurst sausages. img_6019and German beers and Gluwein. img_6024Stars begin to twinkle in the darkening sky. img_6028Next we came across these Himalayan salt lamps and I simply swooned at their prettiness. After a little convincing that hubby really did want to lug a 5 kilogram lump of salt home and that I didn’t really want the 20 kilogram version that was absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, img_6039we came home with this.  A lovely reminder of a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “A Birmingham Christmas.

  1. Carie says:

    You did so much better than me on the picture front!! And where is the cereal cafe (can you tell I haven’t been out of the office much of late!). The salt lamps are beautiful, we bought a tea light version last year as the teeny tiniest version of a log burner for our lounge and I love watching it of a cosy evening x


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