‘Tis the season.

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the 1st of December, not least that I can now look lovingly at all of the Christmas decorations in the shops without feeling the slightest hint of revulsion that it is still November and I was still enjoying Autumn thank you very much. But now we have had hard frosts and I sense that Santas elves are hard at work making children’s dreams come true, I really do feel Christmas is coming.

When I was very young we had a beautiful, in the sense of cardboard and a bit tatty, but beautiful nonetheless advent calendar which had pictures of children dressed up in winter star motif jumpers, woolly bobble hats and thick scarfs and mittens enjoying toboggan rides and throwing snowballs behind its pretty doors.  I loved peaking into the frosty snow clad scene to see what was revealed each morning. One year it was replaced by a chocolate version, equally good and for a few years we had both. And then sadly I grew up, the Internet wasn’t born, so to find a vintage advent calendar would have been all but impossible – and I still hope to find one, one day, and chocolate seemed for children, so advent calendars for me stopped.

Until, the beauty industry had a bright idea to make its own pretty advent calendars. I love the treat sized products to try, and this year has been my year of the beauty advent calendar, but my one true love is the version by Liberty. img_6238It is just so pretty,img_6233Mornings will be so much fun, maybe not as much fun as racing down the stairs, half dressed to open up a door and pop a chocolate in your mouth aged eight,  but almost and maybe even a teensy weensy bit more grown up, perhaps.

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