Oliver at the Loft Theatre.

For the last night of the production we managed to get seats to see Oliver by Lionel Bart at the Loft Theatre.  It is one of the small theatre’s locally and I have only ever heard good things but never got around to going.  We were not disappointed, the stage was wonderfully equipped with  theatre paraphernalia that allows an audience to believe an actor has been transported into another realm or time.  The play was vibrant, fast and emotional along with the added bonus of a few good tunes sung powerfully by many of the main leads, it was everything you would want on a Saturday evening this close to Christmas.

We watched mesmerised by  the story of Oliver unfolding, a story well known of course, but told on the stage with the power of the actors interaction and emotional responses. It was as good as the best I have seen on the West End and at a quarter of the price.

We absolutely adored it, I think we will always make it a point to visit the Loft when we are in this neck of the woods, it is a tiny theatre, but with such dedication to the art and amazing work which culminates for us as such a treat.


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