Going Out, Out!

It is a sad truth that since losing my hair  some nine years ago I had not been Out, Out. Yes there has been many jaunts with hubby, a couple of lunch time drinks with friends, the odd trot into a pub for lunch at Uni, and trips to the theatre and cinema, but nothing like going out with the girls, in town, on a Friday night.

So when J said her knitting groups pub had folded, I just jumped in with, ‘do you need some help looking for a new venue ‘hic’.’ I’ve no idea what came over me, but I do know this coming year I am going to sieze all opportunities that come my way.  This is not the year for maudlin, in any way, shape or form, I’m going to be packing as much as I possibly can in and to that end my diary is already pretty rammed through most of January, so it’s going well. img_6264Getting dressed up was tricky, most of my dress up wardrobe is in London. img_6303But at long last ready to go out, out. So excited!img_6307Met up with J and tried her antlers on! img_6311Scooted around Coventry, chatting nine to the dozen of old haunts I visited over thirty years ago.img_6309Park Lane, three nights a week, The Dog and Trumpet, The Bug and Black Bat, to name but a few. Memories of black nails and purple eyeshadow, a white dress with a red sash and red shoes came whizzing towards me through the night. Of silly hot, so very, very hot nights spent with girlfriends as we tip tapped through the city centre in our spikey high shoes, the scent of perfume and was it vodka as we chattered and giggled from the pubs to the dance floor of Park Lane. img_6316J and I scouted a couple of pubs and found the most ideal of spots for ladies that would like to knit, in a pub with a buzz but a more mature mindset.  We chattered and giggled and all too soon the evening had come to an end, I had such a good time, I will definitely be going Out, Out again.

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