Brandon Marsh

I have been wanting to head out to Brandon Marsh for a couple of years now, but never quite getting the chance, but with a UK wildlife photography competition looming that would only take recent work it seemed like a good time to pop along. Brandon Marsh is the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s headquarters and it really is very nice indeed. There are some flat pleasant walks  around the lakes that are mostly not too muddy and an abundance of wildlife, 230 species of birds have been recorded as well as Muntjack deer hiding in the largest reed bed in Warwickshire and otters, badgers and bats to name but a few. brandon-marsh-for-blog-1The light was beautifulbrandon-marsh-for-blog-2brandon-marsh-for-blog-3as we wandered around, brandon-marsh-for-blog-4and in parts there were still signs of a hard frost overnight. grass-1 brandon-marsh-for-blog-9The grasses just so beautiful towering above me. brandon-marsh-for-blog-5 brandon-marsh-for-blog-6 brandon-marsh-for-blog-7We were lucky enough to meet this friendly robin and carried on with out walk, brandon-marsh-for-blog-10When we met the friendliest robin I ever did meet. He was very keen, so I said to hubby, put your finger out, see what he does. brandon-marsh-for-blog-11And this lovely robin would have landed in the palm of his hand had hubby had a mealworm about his person. brandon-marsh-for-blog-12We had such a good time chatting away to him. img_1611And he seemed to enjoy it too.

Unfortunately we were booked up for the afternoon so made plans to come back very soon.

One thought on “Brandon Marsh

  1. Noelle says:

    Lots of great pictures Mandy, and I agree that Brandon Marshes is a great place to visit. When we wanted a warm up, a nice drink in their cafe with views to the bird feeders, was usually necessary. I think it is all that water that makes the place feel so cold. Look out for the flocks of tree creepers next time. We have just swapped our Membership of Warwickshire Wild Life to the one of our new County.


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