Brandon Marsh day 2.

We visited Brandon Marsh a couple of days after the last visit as we had enjoyed it so much.  Even though this was a much duller day with very little light, we had a great day and stayed quite happily from ten until nearly four, they have a well priced cafe that cooks fresh food to order, I had the mushroom stroganoff with rice, salad and garlic bread,  it was lovely and perfect for a little carb loading in between long stints in the cold.  The wildlife was wonderful to see and I wish I could show you photographs of the crows paddling around the edge of the lake, it was most amusing, sadly my lenses are just not that powerful to pick this up.  There were ducks landing on ice and waddling off and we saw a kingfisher fishing which was beautiful to behold.  Hooper swans flew over head and well, I just don’t know all the names of the tiny birds I saw.

Just a few more snaps of a lovely moment in time.thistle-_ reflection roots-_ peace view hubby droplets

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