#Walk1000miles 2017

Having worked through my Cultivate Power Sheets and found my word for 2017 is Freedom, it was time to embrace the essence of the word with the freedom to just be and enjoy a little me time when #Walk 1000 miles 2017 came floating through the ether and seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I am not saying I won’t walk with hubby, of course I will, but I do so enjoy solitary walking and it is time I gave myself permission and the freedom to enjoy it. 

1000 miles divided by 12 equals 83.33 recurring, I do love the magic of a recurring number, I digress, which means when I look at my mileage so far this month, 36.5, that I have some catching up to do. (I haven’t added the mileage from days where I clearly haven’t got out of bed!, just the ones with a decent amount of activity on them).

As tempting as it is to always walk in the daylight, I am also giving myself permission and the freedom to walk at night, possibly very late at night, this time with hubby.  I am curious as to what wildlife I may discover, I can hear the foxes deep in the night calling to each other and the tawny owls screeching from the direction of the castle, what is to stop me going off for a little explore, apart from my warm and comfy bed. I know from many late night car journeys where the muntjac deer appear in our headlights, a walk along that road late at night would be very promising and early mornings bring about a warren of rabbits on the way up to the allotments, I may even see a hare!

Along with the wildlife I will enjoy seeing the seasons change in much more technicolour than from the comfort of a speeding car.  The seasons change in so many ways, the warmth of the sun, no matter how weak on the skin, the blast of a chill in the air, the smell of the first crocuses or the damp mouldy smell of autumn, I shall enjoy it all.

1000 miles, here I come.


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