British Motor Museum.

A couple of weeks ago my new to me photography group had a day out at the British Motor Museum to practise our photography.  I think this trip was more for the boys,  I couldn’t complain even though I am a non driver and being the least interested in cars person I know. It was warm and dry and there was something of the nostalgia of a by gone era about it and apparently the days out tend to be a bit top heavy in the English Heritage houses and gardens department when the weather picks up, so all is fair in love, war and photography.

gaydon-2There were two sections open to the public, the ground floor of the Collections Centre which houses the Jaguar Heritage Collection and the main part of the museum which allows  for interaction with some of the older cars, bums were parked on very old leather seats. hubby-1I think hubby rather enjoyed the idea, I could just see him tootling around our country town. gaydon-1And after I got over the shock of paying to go and see cars, I must suggest the nearest safari park next time, much more me, I started to enjoy myself.  There were some interesting colours of the cars, gaydon-4 gaydon-3some really pretty duck egg blue’s which would be lovely today instead of all the boring greys we seem to have.gaydon-5Or how about a quick spin with Lady Penelope and Parker, Thunderbirds are Go!gaydon-6Or how about a fanciful daydream about breaking the land speed record, there are several MG’s to choose from. busAnd I really loved this very old bus, it was just gorgeous. past-and-present-engineers-_There were engineers both old and new. the-queens-jag-_And one of the Queen’s old Daimlers. jaguarAnd a very fierce looking jaguar.

Actually it was lovely to look at all the old cars and see how designs and comfort has changed over the years. The engineers who look after the cars pop over quite regularly and explain how  some of the engines worked, I could feel the wind as that information flew over my head, hubby seemed to nod in the right places though, they were very happy to help.

And the best bit is as we Gift Aided our ticket, our tickets are valid for 12 months, (apart from a few special days) and do you know, I think I might just do that – how’s that for a turn around from a not interested in cars person.


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