Feeding time.

I like to wander before settling in a hide, I find it good for the soul to be at peace and only hear the crunch of ones heavy boots on gravelly man made paths accompanied by a cacophony of bird song.  The birds are very busy at the moment, flitting here and there in search of food for their ever demanding offspring. Then returning home, often at great speed darting straight into where their nest is without a moments hesitation. I hear the cries of their young as they clamour to be fed first. It is absolutely delightful and I could and do spend hours wandering around absorbing the sights and sounds.  Never have I been more grateful for a town/countryside childhood, it brings such pleasure as one reawakens what was taught and absorbed as a child.

This blackbird was still singing even with this amount stuffed in its beak, it was quite remarkable. Then hopped down onto the grass before flitting into the hedge where its young await.

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