Ugly ducklings swimming.

The babies first day on the water today. To tell you that photographing a very white swan in sunshine against dark water and gun metal grey cygnets is tricky is rather an understatement.  If one tries to get the exposure right for the babies the mother’s whites blow out and if the white of the adult swan is correct the cygnets disappear into the dark of the water.  And then… to try and get the babies all looking in roughly the right direction at the same times as their mother, well you might as well just pack up and go home. I rather liked this image, but we only have the two cygnets. This is about the best of the three swimming, where you can see individual cygnets, their eyes and bills and no obvious shadowing falling across their back or head,  but the gap is too much, I suspect quite fixable in photoshop, but I always like to get as much right in the camera as I possibly can. Mum is in the middle of a feeding frenzy, and although not perfect, I think makes an interesting image.

The game is on, to get the best image that I can.

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