I don’t always manage to put up my images on my blog. I put many more up on my Flickr account. Flickr Account.if you like to see them it is worth clicking on the link. And on that note I forgot to put up some pics of a Cuckoo I had snapped a few weeks ago, a much better image, but not perfect, than that little grey blob I posted as my first snap of it. And then last Sunday, one of the boys shouted out that we had a Cuckoo perched in the blossom of the Hawthorn opposite the hide and we all went into a mad frenzy of clicking.. It was the best fun and how we laughed at the rather rude heckling that the guy that pointed it out had endured.  I must say it is good fun in a hide, I’ve always liked the male sense of humour, being brought up with 3 older brothers and a father whose very essence of being is his quick wit and jovial nature. A female Cuckoo, one hopes it won’t be the last.

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