Staying Put.

Hubby and I have always thought that the house we bought would be a temporary home and we would move again within a few years, this was twenty five years ago.  Instead the beauty and size of its rooms charmed even if its small back garden did not and slowly we just settled into it.  But still we  held fast for a move.

For the last few years we have been house hunting, from exploring all local areas to coastal towns and cotswold villages and after another extensive search yesterday I finally realised that we would need to put a considerable chunk into the pot to buy our dream home and for not that much benefit.  When your considering spending  a considerable sum just so that one can have a detached home that is a little nearer the town, one has to question one’s sanity. We live in a beautiful spot, a lime and oak tree lined avenue with fresh air and countryside on our doorstep, good links to a spa town, our county town, 2  big city’s and other historical towns, and only an hour out of London,  what’s not to love.

At long last I feel settled, we’ve made new plans that feel right for us and hubby is feeling the change of mood too. It’s all good.  Now you’ll have to excuse me I’ve got to go and knock a nail in the wall to hang a piece of art that was bought a few months ago, new holes in walls are fine now  and plan my courtyard garden, because  we are staying put.


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