Kenilworth Train Station – Reopened at last.

Kenilworth train station was closed in January 1965, the year before I was born and for the last fifty odd years Kenilworth townsfolk have fought a long and difficult battle to have it reopened. To be honest it became a standing joke about when the train station would reopen, but the fight went on and eventually after many delays on the 30th April 2018 Kenilworth had its train station fully restored and what a pretty station it is.
What a sign, a sign of triumph and courage. Well done to all those that fought long and hard to have our train station restored. A pretty little station. With a delightful coffee shop area. We only have one track at the moment, but there is room and plans afoot, eventually, for two. As we only have a link to Coventry on one side and Leamington on the other, literally that is how far we can go, we have a tiny little one carriage train, that is just so very, very cute.  Although looking at the amount of people that used the train this evening, people were standing as there were not enough seats, they might have to rethink that idea soon and put another carriage on.

The journey is so pretty, tootling along looking at banks of pretty wild flowers and ancient sandstone bridges, combined with views of allotments and previously unknown views of the memorial park,  what is not to love.

And of course we were able to change very easily to continue on our journey for a day out in Birmingham.We loved our little journey on this pretty little train and look forward to many more miles being travelled along these rails, just us two, enjoying our days together.

3 thoughts on “Kenilworth Train Station – Reopened at last.

  1. Jenny Dukeshire says:

    How lucky you are. There literally are no trains where we live. Very few anywhere actually, just commuter trains in and around Toronto only.
    Do you have far to go to get to the station??


  2. mandycharlie says:

    I live about twenty odd minutes walk, five minutes in the car. At the moment there is one train an hour, but we are hopeful that will increase and it will be very useful to get to Coventry station as I can then change to go to London or Birmingham and if one adds the cost of parking and the train ride, it still works out much cheaper than a day ticket for the car park in Coventry.


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