Oooh my muscles are sore, I thought by the second day it would be getting easier, but nope, i’m still in ouch, ouch, ouch as I go to sit down, which ends less gracefully with a flop. I’ve tried stretching out my long leg muscles but its not really helping.  Its going to take a while to get back into crouching for weeding and seed sowing.

On the plus side we have ordered some toms. Lots and lots of lovely toms, big plums, small plums, cherries along with french and italian style tomatoes.  I’d rather have less yield but more flavour, so no shirleys for me thank you very much. I’m also trying to grow a couple of seeds that I had saved from the heirloom varieties in Waitrose, we will see what happens with that.  We also ordered a couple of cucumber plants and a couple of Crown Prince pumpkins, which are delicious.  It is all hubbys fault, on year two of our allotment adventure many years ago, he decided to order some grafted tomatoes which were supposed to have a better yield and boy did they have a better yield. So although I try to squeeze in a few home grown from seed toms, he soon fills up the greenhouse with grafted plants.  Sadly we could not find any piccolo plants this year, we think they must all be going to the growers as piccolos seem to be the no.1 cherry tomato in all the major supermarkets – I love them, but I am trying a couple of new varieties which apparently have the sweetness and acidity I like, so you never know.

Nipping up to the plot today I notice that the rocket has lived up to its name and germinated first. Such a good salad leaf that is, it hardly required any work, keep watering let it grow. And a couple of cabbages look like they are on the move as well. The greenhouse is like a mini sauna at the moment and they seem to be loving it.

It looks like the weather is improving for a few days, hopefully we will get some more of the allotment done.

In other news Rupert is still improving, he still has to wear his cone of shame, but he gets stronger by the day. We even reintroduced a few toys back to him, where upon he went bananas and we had to quickly take most of them away and leave him with just one. Which really he was a bit too excitable about, but he was okay and seemed much happier.

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