I have finally come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try not to I will always eat chocolate at least once a week. The truth is I’d be happier if I could eat it every day. I’ve pondered on that truism for a very long time, years in fact, knowing that I’d be happier but also knowing it probably isn’t a good idea is a difficult tightrope to tread. So I don’t buy chocolate and I don’t plan for chocolate until the Friday evening bottle of wine comes into view and then I allow myself a smallish treat, I say smallish because if it’s hubby that is doing the choosing, it will be a big box of something. Hubby can be a bit of a guzzler where anything sweet is concerned – and yet he still keeps his figure!

We popped into Birmingham last week and Hotel Chocolate came into view, so we had to pop in and buy our favourite pralines, Illegal Gianduja, they are so deep and dark and smooth. As we enjoyed the packets I bought over many days, something inside me snapped, and I realised I want to eat Good chocolate, not any of the cheaper substitutes that are often so disappointing. So I sat and ordered a boxful of our favourites.

There are a couple of other chocolatiers I want to try over the coming months, isn’t it lovely to give yourself permission sometimes. Now I’ll be able to treat myself to a little good chocolate every day.

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