Soup and bread

I love the change in seasons, it gives one a chance to step into familiar but almost forgotten flavours. For me this time of year is a reminder of all that is good about home cooking with soups and stews returning to the table. The time spent chopping vegetables, often homegrown, the senses heightened as the onions start to fizz in hot oil, the alchemy as tomatoes breakdown and form a glorious gravy of their own. Which is then followed by steaming pots of wholesome goodness hopefully with enough left for the next day and the freezer, or enough to feed a family if they are at home.

I hope that I will always retain the imagination and excitement of the art of cookery. To lose it would be a very sad day indeed.

This soup started with an hours cooking of the chicken carcass in my instant pot pressure cooker. It’s a marvellous bit of kit and one I can’t recommend highly enough. Next I made the soup by sauté onions, peppers, carrots and bacon, popped in a lot of tomatoes, butter beans and pasta and simmered until the pasta was cooked.

The rolls are a sourdough cheddar cheese and spring onion and are absolutely delicious. I thought I’d try rolls this week instead of loaves and they are going down a storm with hubby.

Lunch, home made, what could be better than that.

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