Reading in Heels, September 2018

314BFAC8-3704-40FA-8BAC-63A0D94C25E4Ooh goodies!!! After last months box which was so enjoyable, I’ve loved reading all about Princess Margaret’s antics, she certainly knew how to party; I’ve very much been looking forward to this months treat. EEEF8A3D-F450-46A3-BA35-7B140DBA9777This month we have The rise and fall of Becky Sharp by Sarra Manning. A modern retelling of Vanity Fair, this brings the story of the beautiful, brilliant and totally ruthless Becky up to date. She’s sexy, fun and outrageous, sounds like it could be quite a giggle, I can’t wait.

And as for our treats, well they look lovely. Firstly we have Mythyn Melusine Silk Bath Soak. A bath soak inspired by a French mermaid. It contains essential oils, Celtic French salts, natural mineral clay, silk and spirilina. It sounds very soothing,it will be lovely to try in a nice warm bath with candles and a good book!

Next we have Juno skincare Joie face oil. Which sounds perfect after that lovely long soak in the bath. I thought I might pop mine in my swimming bag, my skin needs all the help it can get after an hour in the pool.

Then we have a new way to stay hydrated! Conscious Water, each sachet contains 100% natural flower essences. One squeezes the sachet into a glass of water, it’ll be an interesting try.

And lastly, Kacao chocolate botanical bar. Grapefruit and basil in white chocolate! Well I am either going to love it or hate it, but it’s going to be fun trying. 57903840-F385-4E15-9235-CBC642A4909D.jpegI think this has all come together very well this month. Last month it was a treat that kept on giving, looks like this month might be the same.


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