Sunday Lunch

Son no.1 messaged me to ask us if we’d like to join him for Sunday Lunch just at the very moment hubbys head was deep in the freezer looking for a suitable offering for our Sunday lunch the next day. We jumped at the chance to be catered to and spend a lovely afternoon with him.

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon and the food was amazing. 85AB3EB0-FDD9-48AD-97E2-26F9E21E9B9DI hadn’t realised just how confident a cook son no.1 had become. It was wonderful to see him happily throwing ingredients around, handling knives and pans like a real pro, clearly enjoying his kitchen in his new place. We had roast chicken and stuffing, roast potatoes that were meltingly delicious yet crunchy on the outside, roast parsnips, honey glazed carrots, mashed potato with cheese and mustard, roasted onions and garlic and roasted tomatoes with herbs along with a delicious capture all the juices gravy. It was sooo good.3808EDD6-B0AD-4763-9C7C-4E1252139F5CI brought along a home made apple crumble and some custard (shop bought! How I let the side down!)25AF53B0-2C0F-4125-A387-EDDDE8316DA9We gossiped until early evening, when we all pulled together and did a big washing and drying up stint, returning the kitchen to its former glory, well apart from the draw, that hubby broke! I’m so glad it wasn’t me!, and said our goodbyes to travel home in the golden light. Reader, in the scheme of teaching food cookery to ones off spring, my work here is done and very proud of him I am too.

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